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The 1988 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa at US Hqrs. Do Jang in Springfeidl, New Jersey. Seating from left: Russ Hanke (4147), Founder, HC Hwang (509), YK Hong (4142). Standing from left: Greg Puriefoy (20724), Wm Diaz (20603), Sue Robin (19459), Daymon Kenyon (19839), Kris Poole (20632), Phil Duncan (20631), Frank Schermerhorn (19787), Ho Sik Pak (16859), Paul Barton (17409), Ron Cechner (18450), Anthony Ah Po (19005), William Johns, Jr. (20570), Dae Kyu Jang (20780), George Wilson (20501), Linda Morey (20742), George Dolby (19028)

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