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The Authoritative Source of Moo Duk Kwan® History


Photo Albums are being compiled and organized to cover each decade of Moo Duk Kwan® history.

Thank you for your patience as we create this important historical reference.

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WMDK Symposiums and Members

various photos from the WMDK symposium and photos of some of the representatives
US leaderships @ the Naionals.jpg

USA Ko Dan Ja Photos

Various photos from different KDJSS throughout the USA.
2002 SEALS.jpg

SEALS Conferences 2000-2004

various photos from the SEALS Conferences

Photos from Kwan Jang Nim's 70th Birthday Training and Celebration 4 Mar 2017

Photos from Kwan Jang Nim's 70th Birthday Training and Celebration 4 Mar 2017

moo duk kwan 1963 photo

The picture on History of Moodukkwan (Central Dojang members) in 1963. On the Warship of 7th Fleet of USA.
(2006 Korea KDJ training.jpg

Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Korea

Various years of the Korean Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa groups

Han Dol Winter Camp 2017 (Region 1 USA)

photos taken from facebook and other sources showing activities at the region 1 Han Dol Winter Camp 2017, hosted by Tsai Sa Bom Nim.

2017 National Festival, Montgomery, Texas

Various photos from facebook showing activities at the National Festival 2017 held in Montgomery, Texas

2016 National Festival, Anaheim, California

Photos taken from various contributors on facebook showing the activities at the National Festival 2016 held in Anaheim, California.


Phil Duncan

Phil Duncan serves as the Executive Administrator of the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® providing and coordinating support services for the U.S. Federation Board, the Kwan Jang Nim, the U.S. Technical Advisory Committee, U.S. Regional Officials, U.S. Members, the Board Directors of the charitable non-profit U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan FOUNDATION and the World Moo Duk Kwan. He can be contacted at National Member Headquarters or or (888) SOO-BAHK

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
Albert Pike

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1961 Photos

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1961 introduction goes here…  Home » 1961 Photos » 1961 1961-1-28_Korean_Team_Visit_Jaapan_Tuesday, August 30, 2005 (23).jpgGroup photo of the first Korean Soo Bahk Do team from the Korea University and members from the all Japan Karate Federation at the 1st International meeting in Japan on Jaunary 28, 19611961-10-5_Soo_Bahk_Do_Demo_Page 16.jpgGroup photo from Kyung Buk MDK branch after the demonstration on October 5, 1961.1961-12-19_O-San_AFB_Page 5.jpgThe 12th MDK demonstration at Service club in US AFB on December...

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1960 Photos

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1960 introduction goes here…  Home » 1960 Photos » 19601960-04-191960-04-19SlideshowView 6 photos 1960 Korean NewspapersKorean newspapers published by Kee Hwang in 1960 View 8 albums 1960 Newspaper Issue 81960 Newspaper Issue 71960 Newspaper Issue 61960 Newspaper Issue 51960 Newspaper Issue 41960 Newspaper Issue 31960 Newspaper Issue 21960 Newspaper Issue 1  1  2  3  4  5  If you have Moo Duk Kwan® related photos from this time period and...

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1953 Photos

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1953 introduction goes here…  Home » 1953 Photos » 1953 1953_2nd_Shimda_Hyo_Chang_Yongsan_slide0014_image043.jpgGroup photo after the 2nd Shim Sa at the Hyo Tchang Dojang in Yong San, Seoul on October 11, 19531953-4-19_Busan_SCAN17~1.jpgThe temperary Headquarter Dojang in Pu San during the war. Picture was taken on April 19, 1953. Sign say: Kyo Tong Bu (Ministry of Transportation) Hwa Soo Do Do Jang (Tang Soo). KJN's left is Kim, In Suk (12) and right is Hyun, Jong Myong (Guest from Chung Do Kwan). Stand at far left is Park,...

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1959 Photos

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1959 introduction goes here…  Home » 1959 Photos » 1959 1959_Scan10003.jpgTang Soo Do class at the US 8th Army during 1959. Seated far left is Cho, Hwan Sa Bom (80) and far right is Shim, Sang Kyu Sa Bom (180). A far right of the 2nd role is Lawarence Seiberlich Sa Bom(1815).1959_Scan10006.jpgCertificate of appreciation awarding to General Moore in 1959 from the left Mun Ku Baek SB (121), Jong Soo Hong SB (10), Sang Kyu Shim SB (180) Sa Bom and Gen. Moore on behalf of the Founder, Hwang Kee.1959_Scan10059.jpgMembers from the...

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1958 Photos

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1958 introduction goes here…  Home » 1958 Photos » 1958 1958Scene from the 21st Classing Dan Shim Sa in Pu San on May 21, 19581958_Scan10026.jpgThe Founder with R.O.K. Air Force members in 19581958_Scan10027.jpgThe Founder with R.O.K. Marine Moo Duk Kwan membes. Lee, Kang Uk SB (70) is seated right side of the Founder.1958_Scan10066.jpgScene of the Seoul Central Station and showing the location site of the Joong Ang Dojang during 19581958-10_slide0019_image058.jpgDan candidates from the Naval academy cadets. Photo took after...

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1957 Photos

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1957 introduction goes here…  Home » 1957 Photos » 1957 1957_Dae_Jeon_Scan10046.jpgGroup photo of Dae Jeon Branch Dojang after the 9th Shim Sa in 19571957_Choong_Buk_Branch_Page 7.jpgThe 1st Shim Sa group photo of the Choong Buk Branch on October 13, 1957.1957_Chun_Nam_Branch_Page 13.jpgGroup photo ater the Moo Duk Kwan Shim Sa at the Chun Nam Branch in May 7, 1957. Kim, Young Ho SB (455) is seated at the first right of founder. Kim, Bong Ki SB (452) is seated at the second left of the...

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1956 Photos

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1956 introduction goes here…  Home » 1956 Photos » 1956 1956_Demonstration_Scan10011.jpgDan Do Ho Sin Sool demonstration at the Korea Bank in 1956. Kim, Poong Tcheon Sa Bom (17) is attacker with knife and defender is Chung, Tchang Young Sa Bom (15).1956_Police_Academy_Cadet_Scan10021.jpgCadets from the Police Acdemy who studies Tang Soo Do with the Founder at the Summer Camp in 1956.1956_Growing_High_School_MDK_Scan10001.jpgThe 1st Shim Sa at the Dong Buk High School Tang Soo Do class in May 26, 1956. Kim, Seong Ki Sa Bom...

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1955 Photos

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1955 introduction goes here…  Home » 1955 Photos » 1955 1955_Founder with his son_Scan10012.jpgFounder, Hwang Kee and his son at Jin Ju city after demonstration at the Sa Tcheon Air Force base in 19551955_Jin_Ju_Scan10014.jpgDemonstration team for the Sa Tcheon Air Force Base with the Founder at Jin Ju in 1955. Sa Boms Lim, Dae Seon (64), Chung, Tchang Young (15), Bong, Jae Young (58), Nam, Sam Hyun (4), Lee, Kang Ik (19), Park, Yong Ha (21), Oh, Sae Jhoon(26), Kim, Young Seok (32), Kang, Myung Kyu (59), Kim, Poong Tceon...

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1954 Photos

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1954 introduction goes here…  Home » 1954 Photos » 1954 1954 Fouder with his son_Scan10015.jpgFounder's moment with his son, H.C. Hwang in 1954.1954-5-16_Hyo_Chang_Branch_12th_Shimsa_Page 27.jpgThe 12th Shim Sa at the Hyo Chang Dong branch in Yong San on May 16, 19541954_Dan_Testing_Yong_San_Scan10001.jpgThe 14th Dan Classing at the Yong San Do-Jang on October 19541954_Dan_Testing_Yongsan_Scan10003.jpgThe 14th Dan Classing at the Yong San Do-Jang on October 19541954_High_School_TSD_Group_Page...

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1953-1961 Photos

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1953-1961 introduction goes here…  Home » 1953-1961 Photos » 1953-1961 Dan Certification Award CeremonyGroup photo after Dan certification award celemony in 1960. Kim, Seong Ki SB seated right side of the founder. Shin, Jae Chul SB is the 2nd right from the sanding role.1953-1961_Scan10013.jpg1953-1961_Scan10016.jpg1953-1961_Scan10017.jpg1953-1961_Scan10018.jpg1953-1961_Scan10019.jpg1953-1961_Scan10020.jpg1953-1961_Scan10022.jpg1953-1961_Scan10023.jpg...

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