World Moo Duk Kwan® Proudly Remembers Russell Duane Hanke, 9th Dan Sa Bom Nim, Dan Bon 4137 * Charter Member *

Hanke, Russell Duane, age 79, January 8, 2020 of Dearborn Heights, MI. Beloved father of Brett and Shane Hanke. Also survived by his grandchildren Brynn Elln, Autumn Marie, Lillith River and Brett, Jr.; his nieces and nephews.  Read his official historic timeline on the WMDK Facebook SiteRespectfully submitted by his lifelong humble student, friend and Sa Bom Nim Steven Lemner, Dan Bon 23703, Region 5. 

{photo credits: WMDK, Steven Lemner SBN, Russ Hanke MDKSBD College, Moo Do Media, Al Caponigro photos, and various facebook sites} (SOO BAHK DO® and MOO DUK KWAN® are registered trademarks.)

L to r: Dale Drouillard and Russ Hanke (cho dan) 3rd place in tournament in Canada

Master Dale Drouillard, Hanke SBNs first Tang Soo Do instructor, dan bon 757, first American to receive a dan bon from the Founder.
Master Drouillard demonstrating edan yup podo cha ki, 1960s.
Hanke SBN receiving training under the guidance of the Founder in 1975 during the first National Convention at the JFK Hilton in New York.
Hanke SBN kneeling during the first public performance of Hwa Sun Hyung in the 1980s.

Listen to Hanke Sa Bom Nim talk about his early training days of the 1960s to his current responsibilities as a Charter Member of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation. Interview by Mrs. Schemerhorn Sa Bom Nim.



He may be gone, but his spirit and training will always be with us. Rest in everlasting Peace, Sa Bom Nim. His loyalty to our art and his compassion and his dedication to spread the art throughout the world, WILL ALWAYS BE AN inspiration to us all. A true Moo Do In, a true human being. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, supporting us through your training and inspiring us to continue our tradition of Moo Do. SOO BAHK!
Respectfully Submitted,
Roberto Bonefont, Sr., Dan Bon 13927, Region 2

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